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Hey assholes I just got a new laptop I'm so happyyyyy

but no really if you interact with me at all ever and you've noticed a sudden upswing in me actually doing things or talking to people then that's why
because my new laptop, unlike my old one, does not shut down on me randomly and skype actually works on it.

Most importantly
I can now play
all of these vidja gaemz
that i could not

WHICH MEANS GUESS WHAT YO I'M... PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE DOING ANYTHING ACTUALLY PRODUCTIVE for like a week okay I have priorities and they are video games. However, it does mean I'm 100% willing to stream them (especially the scarier ones because I'm a whiny child when it comes to things like that and like company while I'm shitting my pants so that I shit my pants... less.) During said streams (hosted via there will also be an optional voice chat hosted over skype or steam if enough people have an account? I'm guessing no, though.

CURRENTLY, I'm 100% certainly going to play and stream Bioshock -- which, if you don't know, is a first-person shooter game with heavy horror and story elements. It's not overtly a horror game (like, say, Amnesia), but there are many uncomfortable elements, namely:
  • Gore (more specifically related to mutilation and mutilation in regards to horribly botched surgery)
  • Blood
  • Fire / Burning, Electrical burns
  • Body Horror
  • Insects (specifically relating to the aforementioned Body Horror)
  • Torture, torture of minors
  • Mind Control

I believe those are the major points, but if I find out any more then I'll add it to the list attached to the journal announcing the stream whenever I get around to posting it. In addition, I'll try and plot out how far I'll be going in each stream and highlight which triggers will most likely be present in case you're interested in participating as much as possible but aren't entirely keen on certain items on the above list.

As for other games, I am considering streaming Assassin's Creed, Bastion, Blood of the Werewolf, Contrast, Transistor, and MAYBE Mass Effect. I am very iffy on AC and ME, if only because (especially in Mass Effect) it's extremely easy to get sidetracked from the main goal and spend seven years doing sidequests -- which is all fine and dandy when you're playing an RPG by yourself. Not so much when there are other people watching. Unless, you know. You're... into that sort of thing?

On the other hand, Blood of the Werewolf and Contrast are both platformers with (as far as I can tell) fairly linear story and little to do in the way of sidequests. Bastion and Transistor are more RPG-ish but, again, have a more linear storyline (with gorgeous plot and art and adfjhashfjk i love supergiant games don't look at me). Either way, if anyone (literally anyone at all except for me) is interested in watching and interacting with me playing vidja gaemz (probably terribly) then speak up! These games don't compose the entirety of my steam library and I might be willing to shell out a few dollars for a new game if I can be convinced it'll be a good experience for all. (I am horribly, horribly easy to peer pressure oops.)

With all of that being said, I'm not carting around this deviantart account just to continue announcing my torrid love affair with video games (I don't need to announce it, everyone who spends longer than an hour in my company can figure it out fine on their own) and I will be doing art-y things soon. Once I get over the fact that I can play all of my favorite games without my computer exploding or setting itself on fire, possibly literally.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful day/night/week >v<)/


United States

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AlyxZander Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy birthday
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wHEEZES THANK YOU three days later lmao i am a very punctual person
KalinaChan Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERI <3333 I miss talking to you ;;
Verilidali Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
YELLS THANK YOU KALI I MISS TALKING TO YOU TOO;;;;;; ive just been lookin @ ur stuff like. :') presses my face to the glass like tht sad orphan kid in the movies. smudges glass with my trash.
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Hello :dummy:

You're art is amazing, have a good day!
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*sneaks across page*
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You're... you're following me? :iconletmehugyouplz:
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I... am??? I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW IF I AM :iconsweatsnervouslyplz:
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